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Creating VR
Musical Theatre

Combining passion for new immersive technologies with years of experience in the musical theatre industry. Exploring tech in live entertainment while keeping the storytelling at the heart.​​

Monstersongs VR has been selected for the Games Lift Inkubator 2021 and the Prototype funding 2022 from the Gamecity Hamburg.

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About Monstersongs

Explore an abandoned theatre that has been taken over by monsters in this part rock musical part adventure game.


Monstersongs VR combines theatrical performances with escape room gameplay.

With music by Broadway’s Lightning Thief composer Rob Rokicki and developed by Denise Koch for the VR stage.


Solve riddles to escape each monsters grasps and uncover the mystery that brought you to this strange place.

Explore an abandoned theatre.


Escape from the Troll in the orchestra pit, watch out for Teenage Vampire and Zombie Girl for they are hungry for love and don’t meet Medusa’s gaze or else you turn into stone.


Watch the monsters tell you about their true longing through heartfelt songs. Immerse yourself in the performance as it happens all around you.

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